Stock Market Pullback is Good for the Market

stock-market-downThe recent stock market drops are a good thing for the overall market.  I think the recovery has been too fast and based somewhat too much on the fed temporary easing… it has to end sometime.  

It’s about time for the markets to show strength on their own merits.  

Some smaller pullbacks now are better than another much larger crash later in the year.  Consider the pullbacks now as a good opportunity to sell some positions where the current price is high compare to the value of the business and make some buys of stocks that are selling at a discount.

There’s usually always some good deals in the market and they often become better deals when the overall market is going down hard. Make of list of companies that look attractive and judge them based on their current and future business prospects compared to the current price.

 I’ve already started too and plan to buy more if prices continue to go down more.

If you’re still nervous, consider investing in solid companies with reliable dividends.  For example, I like Merchant’s Bank (MBVT) with an over 4% dividend.  They are rock solid and have consistently paid a dividend for years.  Worst case scenario the stock plummets and I still get my 4% on my original investment and plus I get to buy more for a larger dividend.

Other stocks with decent dividends are Intel (INTC), Cisco (CSCO), Microsoft (MSFT) and GE (GE).  All of which I have current long positions in.