Investment Portfolio

We invest excess capital produced from our businesses in a variety of other businesses.  Below are some of our top current holdings ranked by total value of our positions

RankNameSymbol, Inc.AMZN
2Facebook IncFB
3Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. TAST
4Community Bancorp VermontCMTV
5Cisco Systems, Inc.CSCO
6Paypal Holdings IncPYPL
7Kohl's CorporationKSS
8Capital One Financial Corporation COF
9Wal-Mart Stores IncWMT
10Berkshire Hathaway Inc.BRK-B
11Apple Inc.AAPL
12CVS Health CorpCVS
13Altria Group IncMO
14Microsoft CorporationMSFT
15Intel CorporationINTC