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About Champton

Champton is a Burlington, Vermont based organization that manages a collection of businesses and investments.

Businesses owned are internet based businesses, mainly in online retail.  Some examples include, Wondermugs,,, and There also two web development/ internet marketing businesses: Advantage Creations and Digital Road Consulting (acquired some time ago mostly for leads for Advantage Creations)

Investments include stock holdings in, Inc., Facebook Inc, Community Bankcorp Vermont, Carrol’s Restaurant Group, United Parcel Service, Inc, Hanesbrands, Cisco Systems,, Kohl’s, Paypal Holdings, Altria Group, CVS Health, Berkshire Hathaway, Capital One, Wal-Mart Stores, Apple Inc, Microsoft Corporation, and Pfizer.

Champton is actively seeks good online business ideas or potential investments.  Please contact us if you think you have an idea that would be a good fit for the both of us.

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