Heavenly’s picks, a summary

Hello to our blog readers 🙂

Jeremy was looking over my portfolio recently and thought I should comment on my holdings.

Last year, I decided to try my hand at investing by starting out with the ‘fake stock market’ as I call it, started an account with Marketocracy, but soon found their system to be very laggy with processing orders, so I decided to just follow up with my portfolio on Yahoo finance.

My methods of choosing stocks are mainly:

  1. Do I personally use their product?
  2. Do I love their product?
  3. Do they offer a dividend?
  4. Take a look at the company’s charts over the past few years to get a rough estimate of when the low points are, to obtain a pattern of when to buy in.

My first purchases were back in October of last year, (as some may speculate, usually a good time to buy in when stocks usually take a hit), started with 10 shares each of Walmart at 44.89, Hasbro at 28.65, and 20 shares of Silver: SLV at 133.87.

At the beginning of November, I grabbed 10 shares of our favorite hot dog, Nathans at 16.55.

At the beginning of February, I grabbed 15 shares each of Burger King at 26.01, and Kohls at 44.68.

Last month, I grabbed 10 shares of Petsmart at 19.17, 20 shares of Pepsi at 21.01, and 20 more shares of Nathans at 15.17.

This month so far, I’ve grabbed 20 shares of Ebay at 31.69 upon news of JetBlue using Paypal in their payment options, and also grabbed 20 shares of Yum brands this morning at 38.38.

As of this posting, I’m up over 13% overall… not too shabby for dabbling. 🙂

Full Disclosure: I do not own the following stocks mentioned above at the time of this article