Sold Portions and All of Various Positions to Raise Funds

A portion of my position in Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI) and my entire positions in Live Current Media Inc. (LIVC), Micro Focus International plc (MFGP), DXC Technology Company (DXC), Toyota Motor Corporation (TM), L Brands, Inc (LB), (WAB), Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE), HP Inc. (HPQ), Perspecta Inc. (PRSP), General Electric Company (GE), Community Bank System, Inc. (CBU).

While many of these positions I felt comfortable existing, the main reason was to raise funds. I will most likely rebuild positions in Community Bank System, Inc. (CBU) and add back to Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI)  at some point.

Hanesbrands Inc (HBI) – Buy


I added more to my position in Hanesbrands Inc (HBI) today at $20.766/share. Took advantage of today’s price drop due to First-Quarter 2017 Financial Results.

However, they reported in line with what they expected. The results should have been expected. The issue is the 4% drop in organic sales due primarily to lower sales in the innerwear business, which they expect to normalize in the 2nd quarter. Increases in online business helped reduce the drop.

The company also plans to continue acquisitions which should help end the year with a small increase in sales.

Management also discussed Project Booster, which is their program to drive investment for sales growth, cost reduction and increased cash flow. Results should help improve margins and overall profits.

Since I already have a good size position, I may sell some shares if the price should pop in the near term. I think at this level, it’s a good opportunity. My opinions on this company have not changed.

Hanesbrands Inc (HBI) – Buy

hanes-brands-logoThe price is quite cheap and the business prospects are still quite good. They have a solid competitive position in the apparel industry that will be hard for competitors to match. They own and control most of the production production process for their products and also sell products direct to consumers through  their stores. They are also increasing their e-commerce business.

It seems that many pure play retailers are at an increasing risk of being nonessential. With more consumers making purchases online and a few strong retailers such as Amazon.com and Walmart.com gaining more and more customers and getting increasingly aggressive with keeping costs down including shipping, it will be hard for other retailers to compete both Amazon and Walmart as well as others allow manufacturers to ship them product and they handle the orders and customer service. It seems that with this trend, most other retailers will not be needed and only necessary if they actually own their own products. Hanesbrands seems to be in a good position to sell direct and with their focus on vertical integration – controlling everything from product to sale to the consumer, and doing it well, they should be able to have better margins than their competitors.

The numbers look great too! A good dividend at current prices, low PE and PEG.

The recent price dip makes a great opportunity to get a piece of this strong company. I initiated a position today at $23.76/share. I will consider adding more if it continues to drop.