Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR) – Buy

I initiated a position in Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR) position today at $22.908. Fiverr is now my 12th largest holding.

Fiverr runs a marketplace for freelancers and people who need work done to connect. It primarily caters to the graphic design, video product, programming, digital marketing market.

We have found great people to work with us on projects for our own consulting business through Fiverr. They help make sure that both parties are happy. Like any other marketplace, buyers can rate the jobs/sellers. You can put out a job to get bids or look for a freelancer matching your needs and buy a job at their stated prices. You can get a custom quote as well. You deposit funds to Fiverr and they hold it and dispense it to the freelancer once you have confirmed you’re happy with the work. A very low risk way to find people help you with projects.

Fiverr of course gets a commission from every sale. I suspect they would make an excellent acquisition for a someone looking to get more access to small business owners.

This is one my more speculative investments as they IPO’d last year and don’t currently make money. Sales are growing rapidly and I’m quite a fan of the service, so I willing to make a small bet on them, but I would not recommend risking much of your portfolio on Fiverr at this time.