BuzzFeed (BZFD) – Buy

I initiated a small speculative position in BuzzFeed. (BZFD) position today at $9.35. BuzzFeed is not within my top 15 holdings.

Most people using social media know of BuzzFeed and have seen and clicked on their content or have seen their Tasty products in their local Walmart. I admit I’m not too familiar with their financials and this is a more speculative investment than I usually would do, but the position is very small compared to my overall portfolio. I would not suggest anyone put a significant amount of their portfolio in it at this time as information/analysis is limited.

BuzzFeed Strengths

  1. BuzzFeed is a social news and entertainment company with a global audience of more than 200 million people.
  2. The company has built a strong brand by creating content that is shareable, fun, and informative.
  3. BuzzFeed has also been successful in monetizing its content through advertising and branded content partnerships.
  4. The company’s strong growth potential and diversified revenue streams make it a attractive investment opportunity.